I couldn't Install Coupons at Checkout! Help!

If you had issues installing Coupons at Checkout, please read the notes below...

Safari users - A small number of users are experiencing problems installing the addon in Safari on Mac OSX.  We are looking into the exact issue.  If you have this issue, please contact us so we can notify you when it has been fixed.

Chrome users - A very small number of users may get a "Package is invalid: 'CRX_MAGIC_NUMBER-INVALID" message when installing.  Log out of your google account, restart Chrome and try again.

IE users - It requires .NET 2.0.  If you are running Windows 8, see this article on how to set it up correctly.

iPhone and mobile users - As noted here, currently, it can only be installed on devices with iOS 8 or greater. 

Please send us feedback if you are having issues with any other browser.

Updated 1/6/2013

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