What is the Amazon Best Price badge? How do I use it?

Cently's Amazon Best Price badge is a handy tool which will let you know when you can purchase the same product for a cheaper price from a different Amazon seller. The badge helps you find the best price by comparing taxes, shipping, and initial product price across multiple sellers and recommending the best option.

The badge appears on Amazon.com product pages as well as the the Amazon cart page.

How to customize the Amazon Best Price badge to meet your needs

If you’d like more control over the sellers that the Best Price tool recommends, visit an Amazon product page, then look for the green Best Price badge. Click on the badge and then “Show Cently Best Price Settings” on the popup that will appear. From there you can:

  • Enable Cently Best Price - This will enable/disable the entire feature. To enable once disabled, go to Amazon.com, and click on the Cently icon in your browser’s toolbar, to toggle the feature back  on.

  • Only show if there’s a better price - The Best Price badge will only appear if a better price is found from another seller, it will not appear when you have the ‘Best Price’.

  • Show Prime shipping only - Cently will only recommend deals from sellers who offer Prime shipping.

  • Only fulfilled by Amazon - Cently will only recommend deals from sellers who use Amazon for fulfillment.

  • Show Used-Like New products - If you would like Cently to also consider reputable 3rd party sellers, who sell products in ‘Used - Like New’ inventory, you can enable this to find even better savings. Note that sellers do need to reach a certain threshold of reviews and ratings to be featured in the Best Price tool.

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