What is Code Revealer?

Code Revealer detects and highlights (with a simple red border) coupon code input boxes where they appear on shopping sites. Clicking on such a box will cause Code Revealer to drop down a list of coupon codes for that site along with brief descriptions and rating information allowing you to quickly find coupons that can save you money without ever having to interrupt your shopping experience. It obviates the need to go searching for coupon codes or even having to cut and paste anything. For your convenience, the codes are ordered by which are most likely to work successfully. Simply click the code you want to use and hit submit. It also works on a much greater range of sites than Savings Guard making it the essential companion feature. 

If you were a CATC user prior to the release of version 2, you'll be right at home with this feature as it is simply the latest iteration of the core functionality provided by version 1.x.

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