Savings Guard isn't working properly on a certain site

Since e-commerce sites are frequently changing their site layout, we're constantly updating our own information to make sure things work smoothly on all supported sites but occasionally you may come across a site that is causing issues with Savings Guard that we haven't picked up on just yet. Also note that there may be issues on some sites if you're visiting from outside the US or if you're getting a terribly slow connection. We do our best to constantly monitor and update supported sites for the best user experience possible but should you run into an instance where Savings Guard doesn't work properly you can report the site directly through the extension by either clicking the "Send Feedback" link in the bottom right hand corner of the Error/Success screen of Savings Guard or at any time you wish by clicking the Coupons at Checkout icon followed by Send Feedback in the lower right hand corner of the popup (as displayed below).

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