How do I report a missing Cashback transaction?

Are you missing cashback from your CouponFollow account? All of your cashback generating shopping trips will be recorded in the Rewards History list in the Cashback Balance tab within your CouponFollow account.  Please note for a shopping trip to be successfully recorded, you must:

  1. Be Logged in
  2. Have clicked to Activate Cashback prior to completing the purchase (see How do I activate cashback? for more details on this). 

If these requirements are met, the cashback shopping trip should appear in Rewards History within 24-72 hours of your completed purchase. Although please bear in mind that certain shopping categories can take significantly longer to confirm a purchase, such as travel purchases for hotels, airfare, or rental car reservations.

If you do not see the shopping trip despite following the above steps, please submit a support request by clicking in MISSING A TRANSACTION? at the bottom of the Rewards History table located in the Cashback Balance tab ( of your account. Within this table, please complete as many fields as possible, including the original purchase confirmation email. A support person from our team will look into your order and get back to you on the matter as soon possible.  The email address our reply will be sent to will be the one associated with your account. 

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