Can Cently save me money at Amazon too?

While Amazon doesn’t often offer sitewide or coupon codes across categories, Cently's Amazon Best Price feature can still help you save money on Amazon by letting you know any time a product can be purchased for a cheaper price from another reputable seller on the site.  

When shopping on Amazon, watch for Cently's Amazon Best Price badge to appear green and click it to see a less expensive option that's been found.  

Clicking the badge will display a popup with a quick comparison and give you the chance to add the better-priced option to your cart.

You'll often find reputable 3rd party sellers have cheaper prices, and many still fulfill your order with Prime shipping!

Any time a better total price can be found, Cently will know.  Just watch for the green badge.

* You may still be responsible for paying sales tax on goods purchased from other states.

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