What if Cently isn’t working correctly on a certain shopping site?

From time to time, some of the shopping sites we regularly support change things up, which may break Cently’s functionality on those  sites. We are constantly monitoring and testing to spot these sorts of situations and resolve them quickly to provide users the best experience possible.  However, if you do find Cently is no longer working properly for you on a certain site, you can make sure we know about the issue by reporting it as outlined below.  Doing this helps to make sure we’re aware of the situation and can fix it for you and other users as soon as possible.

If you encounter a message that reads, “Sorry, it looks like we’re having trouble. We have logged the error,” it means Cently has detected that an error occurred while running.  Should this happen, you may click “Send us a bug report with more details” and then skip to step 4 below.

Otherwise, you may report a site-specific issue at any time by following these steps:

1. Click the Cently icon on the Chrome Toolbar

Cently icon

2. Click the Avatar icon at the bottom right hand side of the popup and then the Settings tab at the top right

Avatar iconSettings Tab

3. Scroll down and click “Send Feedback”

Send Feedback

4. In the window that pops up select "A site is no longer working"

A site is no longer working

5. Type in the address of the website

6. Add additional details about what specifically isn’t working on the site or describe what’s happening.

7. Hit "Send Feedback"

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