Can Cently show me a list of coupons for the website I’m shopping at?

If the Cently icon in the toolbar is illuminated with a number next to it, click on it to view a list of coupons for the site you're on. 

Clicking on any coupon code will copy it to your clipboard so you can simply paste it into the coupon code box at checkout. Remember that, in most cases, Cently will automatically find and apply the best codes for you at checkout, saving you this step.

If you're on a site that doesn't currently have coupons available, the Cently icon will appear greyed out. Clicking the icon in these cases will display a list of top deals from popular sites with codes that were recently verified. Simply click on one of the entries in the list to open that site in a new tab while Cently copies the corresponding coupon code to your clipboard.

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