How can I tailor the Amazon Best Price results to fit my needs? What settings can I change?

If you’d like more control over the details of the recommendations made by the Amazon Best Price feature, as well as how it functions, you can easily change the settings to suit your needs. 

Simply visit an Amazon product page and then click on Cently’s 'Best Price' badge which will appear above the product price.

There will be an option to “Show Cently Best Price Settings” at the bottom of the popup that appears. From there you can toggle the following options on and off:

  • Enable Cently Best Price - This will enable/disable the entire feature. To enable once disabled you can find the option in the regular settings menu described below.
  • Only show if there’s a better price -The Best Price badge will only appear if a better price is found from another seller, it will not appear when you already have the ‘Best Price’.
  • Show ‘Used - Like New’ products - If you would like Cently to also consider reputable 3rd party sellers, who sell products in ‘Used - Like New’ condition, you can enable this to find even better savings.
  • Show Prime shipping only - When enabled, Cently will only recommend deals from sellers who offer Prime shipping for the given product.
  • Only fulfilled by Amazon - When enabled, Cently will only recommend deals from sellers who use Amazon for fulfillment of the given product.=

You can also access these options at any time by clicking the Cently icon in your Chrome toolbar, clicking the Avatar icon at in the bottom right hand corner of the Cently popup, and clicking on the Settings tab.

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