Why didn't my purchase earn me Cashback?

The two most common reasons that a purchase doesn’t earn cashback are as follows:

  1. A purchases is returned to a store or a refund issued. 
  2. A purchase may be in a category which the shopping site excludes from being eligible for cashback. Please visit the shopping site’s Terms of Service to view excluded categories.

In either of these cases, your transaction should appear in your Rewards History table marked as "Not eligible."   Note: Please keep in mind that these transaction entries may often take up to 24-72 hours after purchase to be posted to your account, so do not be alarmed if they're not immediately visible.  Certain types of purchases and certain merchants can take longer than others. 

If you feel your purchase doesn’t meet the criteria above, and you purchased from a cashback supported site using CouponFollow, please refer to the article: How do I report a missing Cashback transaction? for instructions.

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